in between decisions

If you are lucky enough to be raised in a middle or a higher class family, the options in front of you will increase and diversify as you get richer and older. “What you will eat for dinner” to” what major you will study” are questions that only you can answer. All these questions require deep consideration before answering.

Each decision moment even if it seems minuscule like “pumpkin spice latte or americano” forces you to swiftly quantify how many calories you had today, this week, last month and throughout your whole life and decide if you deserve that? Are you sad or happy enough to reward yourself with a high sugar injected drink? One cup of coffee is enough to drive a major moment of self-reflection in front of the empty eyes of the barista.

 -Fine a Pumpkin spice, please

-which size?

-Damn Grande

All these possibilities sound like freedom and freedom mainly considered a positive value. So we have a hard time associating the stress we have, with the freedom we have. Even when we do, we can easily be called spoiled by society. So instead of decreasing the decision making moments in our life, we try to decrease the stress in a variety of ways. Should I do yoga or meditate? Should I see a psychiatrist or a therapist? Eventually, all our efforts to decrease stress just makes it worse.

I invite you to take a “decision fast” It may sound cheesy at first but give it a chance and try it for few days. You will see your brain capacity will increase dramatically, you will start to relax and enjoy the moment.

Decide what you will wear for the next 5 days.

Decide now what coffee you will have for the whole week, its size and the milk type

Decide on your breakfast menu; corn flakes or sandwich

Stick to them like you have no other option.

Asena DiricanComment