My Morning Routine 

Each morning is a fresh start; the first day of the rest of our lives. So I am ambitious to fully reap the benefits of it. I put a little effort into my mornings to give them what they deserve. 

Once the alarm rings, before turning it off, even before opening my eyes I try to find three good answers to the question: What gives me the joy to wake up from my warm bed?
After listing these silently, I open my eyes, turn off the alarm and I find three things around me to be grateful for. Most probably my husband and my cat, usually asleep at the foot of our bed, wake up around the same time. We cuddle the cat and give good morning kisses. Before putting my foot out the bed I do a five to ten-minute full body massage with essentials oils to smooth my skin and help my ankles to wake up by activating blood circulation. 

Then I do yoga. Not a long session. A Few sun salutations and basic yoga poses to warm the body. At the end, I sit for 20 minutes of meditation. 

I take a quick shower.

I put one spoon of coconut oil in my month then wipe my face with tonic, wash with an organic soap and moisturize. I spit out the coconut oil and wipe my tongue with a tongue brush and brush my teeth.

I sit with my hair in a towel on and write three full morning pages. 

Later on, I drink one big glass of water and turn on the coffee maker. While drying my hair, I put in my earphones and listen to my favorite podcast. 

I drink coffee while listing the day’s to do items prioritizing three of them.  Now I am ready for a good breakfast. I like the quick one; either a bowl of oats with milk and dried fruit or scrambled eggs definitely with a side drink; healthy smoothy with spinach, kale, and yogurt. 

I get dressed and yay! Ready for the day!

No, of course, it is not true. I skip the alarm a few times, put on something, anything and grab the car keys to drive to work.  I believe morning routines are there just to make us feel guilty. Real life does not allow such luxury unless your job allows you to start at 11 am.

How are your mornings?

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