Years without TV 

I was new to the city Istanbul, to the company and to the term “ make your own money”. I was fresh from Sorbonne University with expecting to find a job in a francophone company and continue my kind of Parisian life. Ya the dream and the reality were not even close.

I found a job in a Swedish company where my French had no use at all. My French accent English didn’t help me much either.

I moved into my sister’s place in Çengelköy which she shared with other friends. In our first home meeting, they shared the rules of the flat and asked me if I am okay. I answered, “I am okay with everything but would add one; I do not want to have TV at home.” They were quite surprised yet extremely kind and didn’t say no. They moved TV to the next room.

From that day on I have been TV free. I can not recall clearly why I decided that but when I look back I am proud of that and so thankful those kind girls accepted my weirdness. 

Later on, I had a boyfriend who had no TV in his place. Voila! My perfect soulmate, how can I say no to his proposal. We are happily married with no TV. 

2018 is my tenth year without TV. Celebrate guys!

Here are my major pros and cons 

Is “the freedom of watching what you like” real? Watch what you chose instead of what is picked by the giant media gangs. During the first month of TV fasting, you may say “I still watch TV programs online on my PC. “ So you do not feel you had a real break up. Be patient! In time, you will find so many other options which are shorter yet more fun, intellectually enriched and more colorful ( because there is no legal filter) than on TV. Think that TV is in everyone’s house so the content should be understood by the least educated.

I am lucky that all the houses that I’ve lived in had a nice view. My neighbor’s furniture was never towards the nice view but towards a wall where they set their huge TV. All family members were staring at the wall.

TV watching is an addiction. It’s designed  to make us consume more hours. Even the time that we are away from it either we talk about what we watched or shop for what was advertised. If I go any place where the TV is on, my friend’s place, a Tabaco shop or gym I stare at the TV like a 3 years old. When I catch my self-invading by the machine, I force my self not to look at it. My triumph is just for few minutes. 

The latest TV series I watched was Asmalı Konak so you can imagine the awkward silent I have between friends. Usually, my friends have to close the subject because they are tired of googling info about handsome actors to show me.

During people first visit to my place, they ask immediately “where is TV? “And then they ask “where do you get the news?” On the Internet dude! Let’s turn It off. If you are reading this and agree with me, you deserve more than a TV can deliver to you!

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