Whatever the gift, smile and say thanks

When I was a child I used to have big birthday parties. Actually, I continued to celebrate that way until my mid-twenties ( after 25 I started to celebrate it with my boyfriend.) My birthday is in September which means schools had started so I always had crowded parties.

My mom grew up in a modest village. She never celebrated her own birthday. She didn’t want to keep us away from this popular fun event for children in cities but she also wasn’t comfortable with the fact that we would receive gifts.
So her trick was she let us invite our friends but not to tell the reason as "birthday celebration". She said it was not appropriate to push people to buy gifts. 

Even though I tried so hard, somehow I never managed not to babble the word “birthday” out.

I can admit, at 35 years old now, the most fun part of birthday parties was opening the gifts.

My mom always reminded the night before the birthday party. 

- Whatever the gift, smile and say thanks. Never compare the gifts in front of your friends. 

I knew that neither my friend's parents nor mine could afford expensive gifts; like barbies or robots with batteries. Actually, I was okay with anything clothes, colorful napkins, notebooks, pencil case but not books!

I was always annoyed with books as a gift.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t because I did not like reading. Indeed I loved reading books. For all my school years I was an honored member of the reading club. The reason was it was so obvious from it’s package there was a book inside so no mystery left while opening. Unfortunately, children’s book genre was not so rich back then and I knew I had already read that book before opening it. 

Today I love receiving  books as a gift.  It is the best hint to understand if your friends really know you. Because buying a book someone will love is much more harder than knowing someone's size. You need to first know her taste and also her library so you do not buy a repeat book 

Just yesterday my sister gave me the amazing last book of Robert Galbraith. Now if you let me, I will continue my reading.

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