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3 Mayıs Alex&Alexa- Kemer

Our practice is dance meditation. It brings us back to the body and lifts our spirit. It helps us connect more fully with our true selves and meet the others with authenticity and compassion.

We dance at a unique location in the midst of natural coutryside. Our dancefloor is in an open dome with high ceiling.

Intrenational group from all over the world. Techers (Alex Nikiforov and Alexa Schmid) speak in Russian and English.Moving Bodies Open Hearts! Early bird price until 15 February!
3-8, May 2017, Turkey, same favourite location, Sundance Natural Village!
Open dome! Danced healing floor. Breeze and beautiful wild nature.
For further details please contact Natali Tsirlina: +7(916) 120 2122
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